Chemicals in Body Form Grease Proof Wrappings

Next time you’re ordering from a favorite fast food place, or tossing some popcorn in the microwave, think about this… the chemicals that are used to make food wrappers like grease-proof paper have also been found, for the first time ever, someplace you might not like – in human blood.

This according to startling new research in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the latest in a series of studies that date back to the late 1990s on compounds known as perfluorochemicals or PFCs for short.

And since we’re abbreviating, there’s PFOA (perfuorooctanoic acid) a rather worrisome member of this family; PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) is another. Finally diPAP (polfluoroalkyl phosphoric acid diesters) is the compound that keeps the wrapper around your food from getting greasy.

Scott Mabury, a chemist at the University of Toronto and his team, wanted to learn more about the as-yet-unstudied precursor to PFOA, diPAP, a chemical used to make fast food wrappers resist grease.

He suspected these substances were leaking from the wrappers into the food, and it turns out he was right.

These chemicals aren’t sold commercially, rather they’re products or aids to processing used to make other things.

Both PFOA and PFOS resist oil and water, so they’re ideal as linings for carpets as well as the coating on non-stick pans, but you’ll also find them in our clothes and electronics, and in food packaging like microwave popcorn bags and pizza boxes. They are used by the biggest brands like Teflon, Stainmaster, Scotchgard and Gore-Tex.

The team used a very sensitive, half million dollar mass spectrometer to look at 20 pooled blood samples, collected all across the Midwestern U.S. of both men and women ranging in age from 19 to 70 years old.

Each pooled sample was made up of ten different blood donors. The first ten collected during 2004-2005, another ten in 2008.

Surprisingly, the team saw levels of diPAPs in the samples, even though they’d expected this compound to break down quickly and be undetected – yet it was at the same high levels as PFOA.

The researchers also analyzed extracts from six sewage sludge samples that had been collected in waste treatment plants in Canada during 2007.

These samples also contained high levels of diPAPs, which suggests the compound is already in drinking water and farms.

Animals, even those in locations as remote at the Artic, too have levels of these compounds in their blood.

The team suspects that diPAPs might be contributing to as much as 10% of the PFOA in our own bloodstream. What’s more, the other steps in the breakdown process can bring forth molecules that have been shown in studies to be ten thousand times more toxic than PFOA.

“The take-home message is that some chemicals that make our lives easier, better and more satisfying end up in our bloodstream with unknown toxicological consequences,” warns study co-author Mabury.

He also points out that, “The diPAPs occur at levels in human blood that are comparable to PFOA. We know diPAPs don’t last long in the body, so this suggests an important and fairly constant source.”

When little-understood compounds like these end up in our food and our environment they’re able to enter our bodies, our drinking water and the bodies of other animals, even those very far removed from our civilized world, like Polar bears in the Artic harbor.

So far, perfluorochemicals have been found in every human blood sample tested, and at pretty high levels too. In animal studies PFOA and PFOS have been tied to developmental problems, cancer and other.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has convinced American manufacturers to stop using PFOS, and has encouraged other firms to find alternatives and cut emissions of PFOA, as well as many of the super dangerous precursor molecules.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration studies show that diPAPs and other such chemicals can migrate in to some foods at levels that are several hundred times higher than the currently approved guidelines.

No one, so far, has studied the health effects in people of exposure to the grease reducing chemicals, or the by products of these substances.

Until more is know, your best bet is to limit your exposure as much as possible to plastic packaging wherever possible to avoid chemicals in body building up.

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Omega Supplements and the Many Possible Health Benefits Form Their Use

Studies have been carried out by various health bodies and private organizations into the benefits of Omega 3. Resulting from these studies and tests various claims have been made and I will attempt to bring together some of these claims below. The information presented below has not been verified and is purely for educational use only. If you have any medical issues, then it is essential to get medical advice before using any omega supplement and expecting the supplement to cure the ailment.

So here is the lay mans list of claims, probably not exhaustive, because I am sure most people have some other ailment that Omega Supplements cure, some of these like this list are based on proper research, more of them might be in the category old wives tales and cures.

Cardiovascular disease has long been recognised as been minimized if we have an intake of Omega 3, indeed it is also claimed that heart disease is much lower where a high level of Omega 3 is ingested in the diet e.g. fish eating countries.

The growing problem of Diabetes may be counteracted somewhat by omega 3 fish oils as it helps to reduce some of the markers of diabetes such as apoproteins. The affect of lowering the markers is attributed to fish oils so it is imperative to get medical advice to sure you are using the correct omega supplement.

Fish Oils have been used for generation to relieve aches and pains in the bones and studies have proven that it does help to reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

Cancer particularly colon cancer risk is reduced when omega 3 supplements are part of the diet. It has long been recognised that Eskimos seem to suffer less colon cancer than other groups and this is generally attributed to their consumption of fish.

Use of omega supplements can help to reduce blood pressure, on the other hand people who are on blood thinning solutions need to have professional advice before embarking on a course of omega supplements.

An supplement that seems to have some positive benefit for most conditions if taken in the correct manner has obviously positive benefits in our interaction with other people and pops will swear it enhanced his libido over a number of years. Not sure if this was based on any scientific fact or not.

Finally supplements particularly omega 3 has long been seen as enhancing brain growth and studies have proven that omega 3 fatty assets are concentrated in the brain. Also pregnant women have for generations taken omega supplements. Studies have shown that this helps brain, vision and nerve growth in the foetus.

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Where Can I Get Weight Gain Supplements For Men?

Weight loss is a common problem affecting people of all age groups. Both physical as well as psychological factors plays significant role in forming this health disorder. Intake of weight gain supplement is a best recommended cure to recover from low body weight troubles. Where to get the right weight gain supplement for men is a commonly asked question by many of us. In order to ensure safety, people searching for best supplement for gaining weight are advised to buy product from a trusted manufacturer and supplier. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of supplements for gaining weight in online medical stores. Before picking any one among them, it is advised to refer product ingredients and customer feedbacks. This ensures safety and helps to choose the best one as per the needs of the consumer.

Best weight gain supplements for men works by treating the underlying cause of weight loss problems. Nutritional deficiency, a common problem found in today’s busy lifestyle is an important cause leading way to low body weight. Best weight gain supplements prevents nutritional deficiency problem by supplying required amount of nutrients to body cells. It acts internally and boosts energy production in cells. This in turn improves muscle growth and increases body weight without inducing any adverse action on user.

At present, herbal supplements for men is a best recommended nutritional supplement to improve the overall physical debility of person. It enhances appetite and promotes digestion safely. Intake of best weight gain supplement is found to be very beneficial for promoting the functioning of glands. It increases the tissue building activity in muscles and improves the natural growth of body muscles. Proper protein metabolism plays an important role in gaining body weight. Regular inclusion of herbal supplement in diet schedule increases protein metabolism of body and enhances muscle growth safely.

Low body weight, if left unconsidered can lead way to several health risks in future life. Prolonged illness, muscular weakness, stress and fatigue are some main health disorders reported due to low body weight. Almost all the ingredients used for the preparation of FitOFat capsule have been used for centuries for treating various health disorders. Some among the key ingredients included for the preparation of herbal weight gain supplement include withania somnifera, carnica papaya, plumbago zylenica and pruraria tuberosa. It minimizes the action of free radicals and delays aging impact on body. This in turn improves muscular growth safely and naturally.

Apart from providing physical health, potential ingredients in weight gain supplements also helps in improving psychological health of person. It calms down nerve cells and minimizes the occurrence of nervous disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. This promotes the normal functioning of glands, stimulates body metabolism and increases body weight. Boosting immune system is another highlighting health benefit of using weight gain supplements for men. It reduces the occurrence of infectious diseases and keeps your body healthy. On the wholeComputer Technology Articles, FitOFat capsule enriched with natural ingredients is a perfect choice of weight gaining supplement for men of all ages.

How To Find Best Herbal Weight Gainer Supplement Pills For Men, Women?

Low body weight is one among the commonly found health disorders among men and women of all age groups. Both physical as well as psychological causes play significant roles in forming this health disorder. It can be mainly formed due to decrease in muscle mass, body fluid and fat. Some among the common risk factors inducing weight loss problems in people include chronic alcoholism, anorexia, bone cancer, dehydration, dementia, depression and diabetes. Today, you can find variety of natural herbal weight gainer supplements for men and women in online market stores. Best weight gainer supplement improves the energy level and supports the overall health of person. Almost all the ingredients used for the preparation of herbal supplement are included under ayurvedic discipline of medicine. Immediate action with minimum risk of side effects is one among the main health benefits of using herbal weight gainer supplement for men and women.

You can use best weight gain pills for long term even without the prescription of health practitioners. Multiple health benefits featured in this herbal pill makes it as an overall promoter of health. You can also use this herbal supplement for treating a wide range of health disorders like loss of libido, premature ejaculation and lack of confidence. Regular inclusion of best supplement in diet schedule improves stamina, increases power and vitality naturally. Nowadays, intake of best natural weight gainer supplement for men and women is a widely recommended medicine by health practitioners. Ingredients present in herbal weight gainer supplement are well known for their appetite enhancing property. It enhances calories intake and improves body weight naturally without inducing any side effects.

Almost all the ingredients added for the preparation of herbal weight gainer supplement have been used for centuries for treating a wide range of health disorders. Some among the key ingredients included for the preparation of weight gaining supplement include passion flower, muira puama, damiana and horny goat weed extract. These ingredients acts internally and boosts energy production in cells. This in turn prevents the risk of fatigue safely and naturally. As per research made on patients, low immunity is found to be as a main cause giving rise to the risk of weight loss problems. Intake of best herbal weight gainer supplement in diet schedule enhances the immunity level of body and minimizes the occurrence of health disorders.

Lifestyle plays a vital role in improving body weight of a person. In order to prevent the risk of health disorders, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritive diet and doing result exercises. It is also advised to limit or avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. This in turn relieve the risk of health disorders and improves your body weight naturally. Composition present in best weight gain pills improves nutrient consumption by cells which in turn increases weight permanently. Low muscle strength is reported as a main cause of weight loss problems. Regular intake of herbal muscle gainer supplement improves the natural growth and strength of muscles. Boosting digestionFree Web Content, relieving stress and boosting confidence level are other health benefits of consuming herbal weight gainer supplement pills for men and women.

Benefits of Walking for the Body

It controls Blood Pressure, decreases the risk of Diabetes, and Dementia

Do you know any exercise easier to perform than walking? It requires no skill, it is inexpensive, and can be done virtually any time of day, has no age restriction and can even be done indoors if the person has a treadmill. For someone who does not practice any kind of sport, walking 10 minutes a day is enough to cause noticeable effects on the body, within just one week. Besides the improvement in physical fitness, the benefits of walking for health, body and mind are many and proven by science. Here are 11 benefits that this habit will result in for you. Have a look at the benefits here and make a move to improve your health:

Improves the Circulation

According to studies, walking for about 40 minutes can reduce blood pressure during the 24 hour period after the exercise. This is because during the exercise period, blood flow increases, causing blood vessels to expand, and reducing your blood pressure.

Moreover, hiking makes the valves of the heart work harder, improving circulation to the lungs and body, and improving the process of hemoglobin oxygenation. With the increased flow of blood to the lungs, blood becomes more rich in oxygen. In addition, walking also forces the arteries, veins and capillaries to dilate, making the flow of oxygen more efficient to the peripheral parts of the body, such as arms and legs.

Increases the Lung Capacity

The lungs are also given exercise when we walk. Gas exchanges that occur in the body become more powerful when we walk briskly, thereby causing a greater cleansing effect and forcing impurities and toxins to exit the lungs, leaving them more clear of viruses and dust.

According to experts, the practice of walking, if advised by a physician, can also help dilate the lungs and prevent some inflammation in the airways such as bronchitis. In some sample cases, it had the same effect as a syrup bronchial dilator.

Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

The impact of the feet with the ground has a beneficial effect on bone. The compression of the leg bones, and the movement of the entire skeleton through the act of walking results in an increase in electrical stimuli in our bones, called piezoelectric. The electrical stimulation facilitates calcium absorption, leaving the bones stronger and less likely to suffer from the ravages of osteoporosis. In the initial phase of osteoporosis, walking provides a method to strengthen bones. Furthermore, when osteoporosis is present, walking can oftentimes slow the progression of the disease, experts say.

Decrease Depression

During the process of walking, our body releases more endorphins, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland, responsible for feelings of joy and relaxation. When a person begins an exercise program, it automatically produces endorphins.

After a while, you need more intense exercises to feel the beneficial effect of the hormone. Start walking, it is the beginning of a beneficial cycle. The more you walk, the greater the production of endorphins, which contributes to your motivation to continue exercising. This relaxing effect also incents you to spend more time walking.

Increased Sense of Well-being

A short walk on green areas like parks and gardens, can significantly improve mental health, increasing your sense of humor and creating a higher self-esteem, according to a study by University of Essex, UK.

Comparing data from 1200 people of different ages, gender and mental health status, researchers found that those who engaged in walking outdoors, as well as cycling, gardening, fishing, canoeing, horse back riding and agrarian exertion, experienced positive effects in relation to mood and self-esteem, even if such activities were practiced for only a few minutes daily.

Walking daily is a great exercise to improve your physical condition, improve health and retard aging.

Helps make the Brain Healthier

Walking daily is a great exercise to get the body in shape, improve health and retard aging. However, a new study from the University of Illinois, shows that the anti-aging effect of exercise may also be measurable in the brain, increasing stimulation to its circuits while reducing the risk of memory problems and increasing the attention span. The benefits we receive when we walk include improving our coordination and causing the brain’s ability to respond to increased stimuli, whether visual, tactile, auditory or olfactory.

Another study by the University of Pittsburgh, found that people who walk on average 10 miles a week had only half the risk of having a decrease in brain volume. As a result walking can be a decisive factor in preventing several types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, which slowly kills the brain cells.

Reduces Drowsiness

Walking during the day increases the body’s production of stimulants such as adrenaline. This substance leaves the body more willingly during the hours following the exercise. Added to this, walking improves the quality of sleep for most people..

As the entire body is burning energy while walking, our body falls asleep quickly at the end of the day. So few people who walk have insomnia, and therefore do not experience drowsiness the next day.

Keeps Your Weight in Control

This is perhaps the most important of the benefits of walking. Of course, walking will aid you in the process of losing weight. If you’re used to spending a certain amount of energy and start walking, your body will experience a higher caloric demand that results in localized fat-burning, experts say.

And the role of walking in losing weight does not end there. Researchers at Yale University, showed that even hours after exercise, the subject continues to lose weight due to the acceleration of their metabolism, caused by increased circulation, respiration and muscle activity.

The conclusion is that the muscles of athletes consistently convert more energy to heat than those of sedentary individuals. The result is due to the fact that those who initiate an intensive training program of resistance, including brisk walking, have as a result a higher rate of metabolism.

Control Hunger

A recent study by researchers at the University of Exeter (UK), suggests that walking may overcome the addiction to chocolate and other forms of processed sugar. During the study, 25 people were evaluated, who had been consuming a quantity of at least 100 grams per day of chocolate. The chocolate lovers had to give up consumption of candy and were divided into two groups, one of which would make a daily walk, while the other remained sedentary.

The researchers found that not eating chocolate, combined with the stress caused by everyday life, resulted in a greater desire to consume the candy. However a brisk 15 minute walk on a treadmill provided a measurable reduction in the desire for candy.

In addition to occupying my time with anything other than food, hiking releases hormones such as endorphins, which relaxes you and helps to battle stress, an effect that negated the desire in many people to consume food compulsively.

Protects against Strokes and Heart Disease

Walking will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. By helping control blood pressure, walking is a preventative factor with respect to stroke and heart disease. The blood vessels become more elastic and more able to dilate when confronting an obstruction. This prevents the arteries and veins which carry blood from clogging.

Walking also regulates cholesterol levels in the body. It acts both to help decrease the production of bad fats (LDL) in the body, which are more likely to accumulate in blood vessel walls and thus cause strokes and heart attacks, and aids in the increased production of HDL, known as good cholesterol.

Decrease likelihood or effect of Diabetes

Insulin, a substance that is responsible for the absorption of glucose by body cells, is produced in greater quantities during the practice of walking, since the activity of the pancreas and liver are stimulated during walking as a result of increased blood circulation in all organs.

Another important point is that the improved organ function resulting from intense aerobic walking is capable of reversing insulin resistance, an important factor for developing diabetes. Thus it is proven that the exercise is even more beneficial against the disease than previously thought.

The greater the amount of insulin in the blood, the greater the ability of cells to absorb glucose. When this sugar is circulating freely in the blood it can increase the incidence of diabetes.

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